Wednesday, February 20, 2013

She was blinded by the light

If you have been reading my blog  for awhile you know I like two things 
can you guess, yes if you guessed pattern and colour you would be right.
Well I have finished drawing all the faces for the challenge, all 29 faces,
so you will see faces till the end of the month.  But meanwhile , I can  get onto
some other art things, don't know what yet, but something.
Maybe some more collage,
maybe I will throw some paint around on the canvas I am working on.
Its a beautiful sunny , but cold day here, I don't mind the cold
when its sunny,.
Okay talk to you  tomorrow
What are you working on?


  1. This is a great one too, and you've finished all the 29 faces. That's what I call speed working. I bet you're looking forward to do different things for awhile. At least that's what I do after a long period of doing the same stuff.

  2. Love your colors, Lee! Congrats on finishing the 29 faces project! I am working on an art journal for my first round robin, and am starting to feel the pressure of the deadline!

  3. Love your fun and vibrant artwork, Lee! It keeps me happy :)

  4. She looks great! I can't believe you're all finished with 29 faces! I'm behind again but trying to catch up. Today I got my hair cut and went to the library so not much art got done so far...but there's always the evening!

  5. Wow, congratulations!

    I'm working on a hand-written letter about reading a book. My hand-writing is shaky enough, but combining that with drawing something special...on the same page...well, I'm hoping not to mess up too badly on either section. Wish me luck!

  6. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I promised myself not to go wild until the taxes were done and guess what! All my work for them, at least, is DONE! So now I too have completed a goal (go rah yay us) and get to figure out what to do next. The mind boggles. Hope you decide on something that just makes you crazy happy!


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