Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Daddy Long Legs

Yes its winter out, she has on her boots and her mittens, the hands I sketched looked mangled, so
I put mittens on her, and a body suit.  How would you like to have legs like that?
Bad Posture  because of those legs, you would have a bad back I am sure.
Well that's it for today, like to keep them short and sweet, so you
will keep reading.

I found a really good tutorial on one of the sites I frequent
I love it when artists share
go check it out its worth it



  1. I'm laughing, in one stage in my youth this is how I felt. Not long legged but the arms. Fortunately it evened out. Imagine, you're going to handshake a person and feel you'll reach the third one in line instead of the one in front of you. Still laughing.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. She's great! With arms that long she could almost walk on all fours so maybe her back wouldn't bother her!

  3. you had me going there with the post title, and I wasnt disappointed once reading! lol...she looks like a hybrid human!

  4. Ok, I'm chuckling too! Hope you had a fun, fun certainly gave mine a lift!


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