Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Chin like Leno

Yes she has a chin like  Jay  Leno, but it gives her a air of distinction (lol)
I am enjoying making these faces, I am trying not to make them all  look the same,
one thing they all have is blue eyes (I have blue eyes) I have a regular sized head and no Leno Chin

Today Hubby sister is in town visiting so we all are going out for lunch, I think I like going 
out for lunch better than dinner
tonight's dinner is home-made tomato soup, and chicken on a bun
sounds like lunch, oh well to bad
that's all for today, see you tomorrow


  1. you are sooo funny - and this is sooooo fantastic!

  2. I hope you had fun at lunch...you're such a busy gal. I like this face. She has pizazz! I give my faces blue eyes a lot of the time but mine are hazel...too hard to paint!

  3. hehheeh What a character! She is a beauty, chin and all :o)

  4. I like your girl's wishes! I was always wishing for better hair and more lips! Too cheap for extensions and too chicken for surgeries...I don't even have pierced ears.

    Dinner sounds great! I love homemade tomato soup. I made some years ago with just a touch of rice and I forgot what else, but Husband is always asking me to make it again. Never have found that recipe. I keep telling him the memory was better than it actually was, but he still tries.

  5. lol, she indeed has beautiful blue eyes,

    I on the other hand prefer dinner to lunch

  6. I love the variety and character of your faces!

  7. Love your quirky, bold faces and the quotes that go with them. Great stuff!

  8. Love it, as always, and smile as always too.

  9. Hi Lee. I like lunch better also. I also like your face, Leno chin and all.

  10. Yes lunch gets my vote too. Though dinner is also very welcome. Love her head and chin though she wishes they were smaller.


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