Saturday, February 09, 2013

I wish that I was Picasso's Girl

Well another day another face, Pablo had created this face first, and then I put my
own spin on it, the fingers need some work, Pablo's were perfect, I was
trying to find the reference photo but now I cant find the site.
Its snowing here, and the wind is howling, but there is money to be
spent on shopping, so someone has to brave the elements and
get out and keep this economy going, so its going to have to be me
so until tomorrow
Au revori

here is a link to the journal I am making really easy


  1. she's beautiful and lovely!

  2. Good job,and you're right. Money are ment to circulate!I hope you're doing a good deal today since you'll go out facing snow and wind.

  3. I think she is wonderful, Lee. I like her expression and your colors are so pleasing to look at...lovely art.

    Be careful out in that weather...we need to see more of your terrific art :)


  4. Great portrait, Lee. I have the video link you give bookmarked...I want to make a handmade journal, too!

  5. oH wow, those radiant blue eyes! :))))

  6. I like her's like she's saying "now pay attention"

    I'm so happy that you're helping the economy today! Try to stay warm.

  7. Just plain FABULOUS! Love your faces!

  8. Very kewl. I like your Matisse too. So what if it is green hair, that is your own creativity coming out. Nice job!

  9. another great face Lee! love it!

  10. I love it. Love Matisse and Picasso too. Great job!


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