Tuesday, February 19, 2013

low brow art

Another Art Geeks Challenge, this is lowbrow art, I think.  I am enjoying learning about these different kinds of art and trying to create them, sometimes I might not get them right, but I have fun trying.
Do you have a favourite TV show that you love to watch?


  1. This is a really fun painting, Lee...it put a smile on my face :)

    I don't really watch much TV, so I don't have a favorite show~~~

  2. Nothing lowbrow about this...I think it's pure fun!

    My favs are Downton Abbey, Person of Interest, and Touch.

  3. Oh wow!! Your faces ARE WONDERFUL!! This is great!

  4. I like your new one. Got me to think who I might know that could fit in to this theme.

  5. I'm especially fond of her antennas!

    I guess the only show I would miss, if it were canceled, would be Big Bang Theory, but I only discovered it last year, so I'm catching up. Can you tell I don't watch much tv?


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