Thursday, February 07, 2013

Matisse times two

click on picture to make bigger
I was at one of my favourite sites and she had painted
and suddenly I know I wanted to try it.  Myra and I have completely different
styles, so there not the same, her's in fact looks more Matisse ish than
mine.  My  arms are mangled looking, and the chair is orange, but the
scan does not scan orange for some strange reason.
But I had fun making my own version, and am looking now for
other pictures to do 


  1. Nice painting and a good idea. I have seen All Norahs Art doing the same, use a known painting as inspiration. I've not tried myself but perhaps one time.

  2. love, love, love it - better than mine! did you get my message that I did not get your email? system always fails. let me know if you got the one I sent you. LOVE THIS PAINTING!

  3. I just saw this on Myra's blog! I love it...but then you know I'm one of your biggest fans.

  4. You and Myra both rock. Nuff said.


  5. Both of these paintings are wonderful!!! You and Myra do have different styles, and this is what makes both of your talents show-up as unique~~~

  6. matisse did lots of ladies, reclining, and I think yours measures up just fine! love her green hair and all!

  7. You and Myra do rock, like Lisa says.
    Oh, I want to try now too!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Oooops it all went wrong then.... Just wanted to say I love your style Lee! I will be back to watch some more:0 Nice meeting you. ManonX


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