Saturday, February 23, 2013

Early presents

Looks like her make-up is smudged must have had one to many when I was doing this. 

Today I am posting late because drove my friend back to the airport, she flies back to Phoenix today, she is a snow bird, lives in Canada, winters in Arizona.  Lucky girl, though we are definitely having spring like weather here.  She bought me an early 60 th  birthday present, from Ikea that I have been admiring for awhile now,  and shared the picture in email and told her I  was thinking about getting iit and what does she do today but give  the  cart,,,what a lucky girl I am, here is the picture from IKEA, I still
have to put it together, which is like putting a science project together.

is this not fricking cute, I am going to put all my paints and stuff in, I will share a picture of it, when I have it all together, with everything in it.


  1. love this! you have inspired me to do some things with hair!

  2. that cart is awesome. and it looks like the exact same color as the metal stool my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was a kid, which makes me love it even more.

  3. What a great present. How thoughtful of her. x

  4. What a "happy" painting, Lee!!! Loving it!!!

    I also love that cart! Perfect for an artists needs. What a dear friend you have~~~

  5. You are a lucky girl!! That's a great gift...and I love the color of it.

    Your girl looks very colorful and pretty even if she did smudge her make-up a little bit. It happens!


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