Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is not what I wear to bed, I wear an old t shirt and pyjama pants,
I believe in being comfy in bed, I don't wear a nightgown, because, it always rides up, to
much information, ok I am done telling you what I wear to bed, get that visual out of your head.
Her nightgown I made from tape, the only thing I think turned out well is part of her arm.

Well I am off to help the Shopper clean up a bit, I think she wants some company,
the boyfriend went to work. 


  1. What a neat idea for her "nightie"...and I think she is a great piece of art, Lee! I should look so good when I go to bed :D

    BTW...I love flannel nightgowns for sleeping so you can see that a little nightgown like she is wearing is a bit to cold for me...brrrrrrr!!!

  2. I'm working to get rid of that visual..... :) Love it, it's so fun to joke a bit. These artpieces of yours have become small tales, which I love to watch and "read". I think you should be pleased with this one, not just part of her arm. How smart to use tape, almost look like her top is sewn.

  3. I like her grandpa used to sleep in a nightcap! I'm a tee shirt gal, too but no jammie bottoms. Now you can get that visual out of your head!! :-)

  4. I rather like her top, being a top only in bed girl myself! I used to wear nighties now I am feeling tooo hot for that and so light tops only!

  5. 'Just in case ...' how fun!


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