Thursday, February 21, 2013

Over thinking????

Well hello, welcome to day 21 of 29 faces.....
Today I am off to the airport, to pick up a friend who is flying in
for a couple of days.  On the way I am stopping at Michaels and looking for 
a certain sketch pad my Michaels doesn't have, its my favourite, and its cheap.  Just picked up a bookbinding book at the library, with 5 more on order, I am going to be a book binding fool before you know it. I just have to jump in and stop over thinking it.  Do you tend to over think things?


  1. Let me I tend to over think things, hmmmm...just let me ponder this a while longer :)

    Another beauty, that hat!!!

    Have a nice visit with your friend.

  2. Love that hat! Do I over think, never. I tend to jump right in with both feet and life has thaught me that I come down standing most times. If not, I still have time to try over. That's me.
    Have fun with your friend!

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Your people just crack me up. Love the lift for the day. And yes, I completely overthink. But I'm getting older and no one cares what a fool I make of myself, no even me anymore. Great good luck with the bookbinding.

  4. Oh yes, I constantly overthink things ... That's the nice thing about this challenge: you don't have time to overthink ;-) Love your dry humour paintings, they make me smile every time!

  5. Her hat is great! I love hats but seldom wear them.

    I'm more of a jump right in kind of person...or "let's see what happens if" gal. Then after I finish I think it to death and see what I could have done differently.

  6. Yes, I over-think too much. In retrospect, I think I missed a thing or two from thinking about it. Doesn't happen so much these days---I'm all in. That said, I think I'll go dabble with some pens! Or maybe some scissors. Or....

    Hope you had fun with your friend!


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