Friday, February 22, 2013

Fridays tut

I am having trouble with my scanner and face colour, so since it is not posting the face colour, I am leaving if off for the scan for here, and then finishing it up later.  Here are your friday tuts that I find really good, hope you like them.  Her pin is a new stamp I just got, I like butterflies but cant make my own stamp, cause its turn out like crap, so I bought one.  How do you like the pointed face, I kinda like it, maybe I will keep it.

just some really great tuts I have found/ check them out


  1. I definetly like the pointed face. Anything giving personality is great I think. Beautiful butterfly too.

  2. Something romantic about our girl today!

    And thanks so much for those fabulous links. I've been to all of them and marked them for a return visit. Some great techniques and ideas there. Don't you love the one with clothes hangers? People are so clever and I'm glad they share because, as I often say, "I'd have never thought of that!

  3. yes indeed, I like your pointy chin and heart-shaped lips. love that coat hanger idea too!

  4. I like her hair and lips and her pointy chin. And thanks for the tutes. I always like to see what everyone is doing.


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