Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Day 13 of the face challenge, and I am keeping up, (patting my shoulder)
I am off to visit my best friend who is in the hospital again, she has been sick
many years with Scleroderma (an autoimmune problem_
 this disease has affected her life
in so many ways, and there is no cure.  It took her kidney, it gave her a heart attack,
gout so bad they cant cure it, it has left her with no resistance to any
viruses, diabetes 's she has suffered so much, but yet she manages to put on a brave face
and go on, she is my inspiration so when I have a bad day I just think of 
her and pick myself up and go on again.  We have been friends since grade 6, lived on the same street, and became best buddies and have ever since.  We introduced her to her husband, we went through deaths in our families, births, miscarriages her (she never had kids),.  She never complains about her life, and always even if she has a bad day has a smile.  She is in and out of the hospital  monthly. AlI I can say is I awed by her bravery and her zest for living in the moment.  
Do you have a friend a best friend like this not sick but who is there a constant in your life?


  1. She is a very brave woman, Lee, and she must love life very hard to fight the way she does.

    Yes...I do~~~

    BTW...another wonderful, colorful painting!!!

  2. I think people like that really are an inspiration just your friend is to you. I do have a friend who really is there for me, she is wonderful and a treasure!

    another face, another day! love it! I just never know whats going to pop up here next!

  3. My best friend just passed and it is really, really difficult to not have her with us. She left a huge hole in my life. I know you treasure your friend and she sounds like a wonderful person and a true inspiration. We are blessed to have such friends, aren't we!

    And where did you get the idea of today's face? Love the hat but who'd have thought of it! Well, YOU! Fabulous!

  4. Good and close friends are always a blessing. Yours must be a strong one in every way.
    I like the man you did today, he looks as a solid one.

  5. Your friend sounds like an amazing person. I have a friend who I've known since we were nine years old...that's 60 years! Even though we live on opposite sides of the country I know she is always there for me. She's more like a sister than a friend.

    Love the guy with the new hat!!

  6. sorry to hear about your friend - what a brave lady! another great piece of art!


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