Monday, February 11, 2013

A Manly man

welcome to my world, this is what happens, when I get tired of drawing women's
faces, out pops this manly man (lol)
I am late in posting today usually I do it in the AM but I have been super busy,
running all over town today doing errands, so here I am finally.  
Other than that making faces in advance so I dont have to worry about
ever catching up, because once I get behind, you might as well forget it.

well I will be back tommorow


  1. now thats a cheery (man ) face greeting me this super hot day! its cheered me up! how many more days or faces do you still have to go?

  2. Your manly man is great! I think I might be in love!!

  3. great man! funny - I drew a man over the weekend - great minds think alike!

  4. How cool, he reminds me of someone I know. But I didn't know he had been in Canada resently.

  5. Gotta love him with those dreamy blue eyes...just like my hubby's :)



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