Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spread the love

Hope you have a great day .  Hubby is taking me out for lunch.

Trying to stay away from the chocolate goes straight to my hips



  1. Wow, is this a self portrait, must be spreading all the love around.
    Love the heart shape lips, now those are lips!
    I may need to borrow that idea from you, maybe? Please? : )

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Very adorable idea!

    I've got a card from Husband so far and I'm looking forward to what he brings home tonight, although I told him I already bought that tea cart so I'm "good" for Valentines and my birthday.

    And a wonderful day to you too!

  3. Love your idea, and I hope you have a lovely day too!!

  4. She must be seeing through the eyes of love!! Another fantastic face! Enjoy your lunch.

  5. we had dinner out... and my hips are screaming at me for that today! off to do excersises now! glad you had such a nice day of it!

  6. Lee this is great and how does it feel to finally have a "style" lol

    hugz bev

  7. I am just loving your faces Dee. I hope your friend gets well enough to go home and life settles for her soon. Bless her heart, what a horrible disease.

  8. What a lovely Valentine...thank you, Lee.

    Hope your lunch was filling you with love from your hubby :)


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