Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its a poka dot world

Posting late today, had to go get a haircut, and my chin waxed.  to much information
I signed up for 6 weight lifting lessons, beginners, for ladies, it starts in April.
I want to build up some muscle mass for when I am older (lol), older than now. and it might kick start my weight loss.  Well I am off to try and make a mosaic of all my faces, I hope it works


  1. So that's what your planning for your faces, a mosaic! We're all going to be excited to see that, if that's possible on the computer/scanner.

    Weight lifting out to kick start everything! Wow, I'm impressed!

  2. Now that's a man who knows what he likes!!!

    Congratulations on your weight lifting and thinking about helping "you" to be in better shape for future years!

  3. THIS GUY looks like he needs some FUN! :)))))

    SMiles, Anke :)


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